Riding with your small children can be a wonderful fun-filled family activity. This Taga Family Cargo bike was designed to take the little ones with you on your daily excursions but what they don’t tell you in the brochure is this: any hills would quickly turn a fun bit of exercise into a grinding chore. This bike is a natural candidate for an e-bike conversion.

Taga makes an e-bike conversion kit for this bike but we wondered if we could do better job speccing our own parts. We chose the Bafang SWX02 hub motor and paired it with a 48V 22A controller and color display. The battery is 48V 11.6AH made with Samsung cells. It’s attached to the extra-long seat tube with mounting hardware provided by Grin Technologies. Custom brackets for the controller box were made on the 3D printer. Taga was kind enough to offer the rear brake adapter as a stand-alone part. New Maxxis Holy Roller tires complete the conversion.


Taga Family-Cargo bike with new Maxxis Holy Roller 20″ tires.


48V 11.6AH Lithium-Ion made from Samsung 2600mAH 3C cells. Battery is good for 20-25 miles of range at 17mph average speed.


Bafang SWX02 hub motor in 20″ wheel. Top speed about 20 mph. Medium hill climbing ability.