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Tenways CGO800S

Up to 53 Miles Range
21700 Lithium-ion Portable Battery
SR SUNTOUR Suspension Front Fork
Magnetic Torque Sensor
GATES Carbon Belt Drive
350W Rear Hub Motor

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Embrace the perfect blend of comfort and functionality as you navigate through urban streets with ease.
Every component of the CGO800S has been crafted to bring you the premium riding experience.

Torque Sensor: A Smooth, Natural Ride
Enjoy an instant and intuitive pedal assist, seamlessly without any jolts or sudden surges,
just like the feeling of riding a traditional bike. 0 time lag, instantaneous.

Gates Carbon Belt Drive: Whisper-quiet, No Slipped Chains
Experience a clean, effortless ride without chain slippage or annoying rattles. 0 maintenance required.

Step-thru Frame: Easy Boarding, Comfort for All
A sleek frame design that allows easy boarding for riders of all ages and styles.
A more upright and comfortable stance with enhanced visibility to the surroundings.


Pebble Grey